At Home Self Care Ideas

At Home Self Care Ideas

Jan 2021 – Lockdown 3

 BODY   /            MIND   /           SPACE   /           SOUL

              as the season transitions into spring, let yourself feel rejuvenated

Ideas that are simple and therefore useable ~ upping your self care for 2021:

- Read before bed
- Tell yourself something you love about yourself
- Mute your phone for a few hours a day
- Go to bed early
- Stay hydrated
- Feel the outdoors, listen to nature
- Cook something you’d like
- Journaling
- Plan for a future trip
- Try a meditative podcast
- Start a bucket list, look to the future
- Light some candles
- Care for plants / gardening
- Ring a friend
- Clean you space
- Get creative, creative journaling, drawing, painting, singing, dancing
- Put on a chilled playlist
- Stretch out your body
- Try something new
- Turn off your alarm
- Write 3 things you are grateful for
- Write to a penpal/friend
I hope these ideas can lift you up or maintain the positivity in your day.
All the best
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