Best Flat Items to Send as a Letterbox Gift

Best Flat Items to Send as a Letterbox Gift

In times of social distancing and travel restrictions, sending a thoughtful little gift to a friend in the post is the perfect way to bring you both together.

Below I have listed some amazing ideas that you can send. I have curated this list taking into consideration weight and depth of the items meaning they will all come under a large letter with Roya Mail - that’s just £0.96 postage cost in the UK.



- Sticky notes

- Mini handmade envelopes

- Washi Tape samples

- Seed packet

- Polaroid

- Affirmation card

- Note card of a memory with them

- Stickers

- Friendship bracelet

- Pressed flowers

- Tea bags



I hope you and your bestie enjoy these simple ideas! Please do check customs if sending seed packets or tea bags.




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