Check on yourself before you check your emails

Check on yourself before you check your emails

Tips to help you start your day right, because its important to start how you mean to go on. These tips are aimed at both mental and physical well-being.


1. Move Your body
Stretching, yoga, dance! Keep it simple and natural, your are more likely to build it into your routine that way. Its important to listen to your body and concentrate on your breathing. Focus on relaxing but also its gets your blood flowing. An energy focuser first thing.

2. Make Your Bed
This helps to separate you from sleep. You have started your day positively and you shall carry on this way. This is a small but mighty task in the morning and can have more of an impact that you’d imagine.

3. Fresh Air & Light

Popping into the garden to drink your morning brew or taking a small walk around the block makes you aware of your surroundings, helping you to feel grounded. A short walk to pick up breakfast, feel yourself feeling alive, enjoy it.

4. Eat and Hydrate
Nutrition is a primary self care element. Its important that you treat your body to a nutritious breakfast, just like your mind. Drinking water through out the day is essential so start early and build it into your routine.

5. Your To-Do List
Productivity and getting it all done requires a to-do list. Whether you use sticky notes, note pads, your phone or journal, set out your day. Don’t be too hard on yourself, allocate time for a break and lunch.


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