DIY Paper Star Garland

DIY Paper Star Garland

This is such a cute and easy craft project you can complete in an hour and you will end up with a gorgeous little recycled paper garland to hang above your desk.


What you’ll need:

  1. Paper or card, whatever you’d like to use to make your garland – I used a few old magazine pages, left over brown paper and some old book paper
  2. Shape stencil / cookie cutters to draw around
  3. Scissors
  4. Ribbon/string/twine for hanging the garland
  5. Washi tape to attach to the wall
  6. A hole punch
  7. A pencil


Draw around your star cookie cutter on the paper. Tip! It will look neater if you draw your stencil on the back of the paper, no pencil lines in sight



Cut out your stars with your scissors nice and neatly.



Use the hole punch to piece the paper in the corner of the star on opposite sides. Tip! Think about how you want the stars to hang which will be the result of where you want the holes



Thread the stars along the ribbon or string, running the ribbon or string along the back of the stars



Space the stars out how you like them, you can make this garland as long or short as you wish


Share your pics on insta and tag me @sublimeclouds - check out my shop for more cute stationery and craft supplies! Happy making!



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