Self-Love Advent Calendar 2021

Self-Love Advent Calendar 2021

This affirmation calendar is intended to bring you positivity and an opportunity to take a moment for yourself this Christmas. Affirmations allow you to direct your thoughts in a positive direction, give you self-confidence and increase your well-being.


The card set is ideal as an advent calendar but can also be used at any other time of the year to pamper you with a portion of self-love. You will find a positive saying on each of the 24 cards which are blank on the back allowing a space for your thoughts and feelings.

You can use these affirmation cards to decorate your home, Christmas tree, mirrors and so much more! Due to the simple design, the cards are a great decoration and can also be used every year.

Not only a great advent calendar for yourself, but also a nice gift idea for your loved ones!

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