Sustainability & Eco-Friendly Guide

Sustainability & Eco-Friendly Guide

Being Earth aware is top of our priorities list here at Sublime Clouds so I wanted to share the steps we have taken and goals and steps we still want to take.

Sustainability: “avoidance of the depletion of natural resources in order to maintain an ecological balance”

Eco Friendly: “not harmful to the environment”

^ Google’s definitions which to me, seem pretty broad and not particularly helpful but lets talk about steps and goals for us:


  • Plastic free packaging – this was my first challenge in my eco journey of which we have been plastic free for a good while now. Sometimes it is challenging or a little more pricey but to us, it’s not an excuse!
  • Using local suppliers – all our packaging suppliers are UK based, along with the majority of our product manufacturers, we also prioritise small businesses because they are often much more Earth conscious themselves.
  • Supporting other small businesses which have a similar sustainable ethos – such as mentioned above!
  • Washi tape which is recyclable & biodegradable – many people to don’t realise this! The washi tape which Sublime Clouds produces and sells is all recyclable and biodegradable because it is paper! It is made out of highly renewable, fast growing shrubs giving it bonus eco points, with a soft water based, chemical free adhesive.
  • Sticky notes which are recyclable & biodegradable – our beautiful sticky notes which are made in Europe are an easy and obvious recyclable!
  • Paper stickers – plastic free and also recyclable. People sometimes complain that paper stickers are less durable than vinyl stickers which is true to a degree, however, we believe vinyl stickers isn’t an essential use of plastic & paper stickers with a coating still last and wipe-proof.
  • FSC certified papers & recycled papers – this means it is responsibly sourced and the trees are not cut down without planning & approval. This goes hand-in-hand with using UK suppliers as it is common practice for paper suppliers in the UK to use FSC certified papers and produce recycled paper options for us.
  • Non-toxic inks – this is also common practice as most suppliers do not use toxic chemicals in the printing process any more. We are happy that our suppliers use a range of organic pigment inks and are certified for responsible practices.


Goals/ Future Steps:

  • All products from recycled paper sources – this may be trickier than it seems as some recycled papers are not recyclable & biodegradable themselves but we are committed to putting in the time and effort to source it!
  • Maintaining the plastic free ethos – when it comes to new products, sourcing eco friendly alternative. This is also a conversation of reducing plastic in our supply chain, such as requesting our washi manufacturer doesn’t use extra plastic, instead it is wrapped in paper.
  • Setting up some sort of ‘give back’ to nature – either donating part of our profits or planting trees type set up.
  • All products made in Britain – this may not be possible as we just don’t have the manufacturing power we used to, but we are aiming high and love supporting other UK businesses.


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