Meet: The Mood Library

Meet: The Mood Library

"Helping people redefine what health means to them, throw out the ‘one lifestyle fits all’ mentality and cultivate a calm mind.✨"

Based in the south of England, Edie is the creator and brains behind @themoodlibrary - an instagram about focused on mental wellbeing and pursuing a positive mindset. She uses her instagram page to share mindset tips, health graphics and encourage conversation around self care and positive energy - Some of which I have shared below.

@themoodlibrary - 'The Mood Grid' Identify your emotions and how you feel, and learn behaviours to help or maintin your moods



@themoodlibrary - 'What is your why?' I know that finding out what your purpose is can be a big and complex process, so I have narrowed it down to three simple steps.

1. Think about what you are good at

2. Think about what you love

3. Think about what you can make a living from


Edie's favourite quote:
"Those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind"
Edies favourite well-being tip:
meditate daily 🤍
You can find and follow Edie here on her well-being and health journey. Thank you for sharing your knowledge Edie!
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